8 Beyond Genius Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

A clean home is a reality for some people, but only a dream for many. Whether you are a cleaner or you have the dream of a cleaner home, here are twenty tips you can use to make cleaning your home easier.

1.Pledge Lemon Cleaner

Pledge lemon cleaner is a wonderful furniture cleaner. It also can be used to clean other household items like your stainless steel appliances.

Spray some Pledge lemon cleaner on a dry rag, and use to rub stainless steel appliances. After rubbing for a few minutes, use a dry rag to bring it to a shine. You can also spray directly onto surfaces.

You can use this on your refrigerator, stove, oven and even on your stainless steel sink. This will give your stainless steel appliances a nice sheen.

2.Clorox Bleach Gel

Clorox bleach gel can be used to clean many things around the house, but you may not know that it is good for cleaning your bathtub and shower.

Cover gunky areas in your bathtub and shower with some Clorox bleach gel. You will want to make sure to use a generous amount.

Leave for about an hour or two. After soaking, finish cleaning area with a wet cloth. This method is good for cleaning the grimy corners in your bathtub and shower.

Clorox Bleach Gel For Cleaning Shower And Bathtub

Clorox Bleach Gel For Cleaning Shower And Bathtub

How to clean your shower and bathtub with Clorox bleach gel.


Cover gunky or stained areas in shower or bathtub with some Clorox bleach gel.

Make sure to use a generous amount, and let it sit for about an hour or two.

After allowing Clorox to soak the area properly, use a wet cloth or sponge to clean up any residue of the Clorox gel.

This should help to eliminate tough stains and get your shower or bathtub looking clean.

3.Pam Cooking Spray For Cleaning Faucets And Shower

Did you know that Pam cooking spray can be used for cleaning purposes?

You can get your shower and faucets all cleaned up with Pam cooking spray.

Just spritz a small amount on the area you are cleaning. Let it sit for a while, and the oil in the spray will help to break down lime deposits.

4.Vinegar and Cotton Balls Around Faucets

Hard water stains can make faucets look so awful. And yes, hard water stains are stubborn and hard to get rid of.

Try soaking some cotton balls with vinegar and place them around the stained faucets. Let it sit for about fifteen minutes.

Leaving it longer might damage your faucets. Soaking with vinegar should help to soften the hard water stains and make them easier to remove.

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