DIY Home Decor Ideas

A lot of decoration can be purchased in the mall or store, but it would be different if you could create them yourself. It not only shows more about you but also makes your house or room warmer with your own personal touch. A unique decoration does not require you to spend a large cost and does not need much preparation. Some creations of DIY Home Decor here would give you many ideas on how to use unused items at home and become something cute and nice. A simple creation can be a valuable gift to your friend, child, parent, and lover.

Believe me, people would really appreciate the gift you made yourself, rather than the one you buy in the store even though it is much cheaper because it really shows how special they are to you. It makes them feel honored and loved.

It’s not hard to do one actually. Just follow the simple instructions here. Even if you think that you are not an expert on this, you can’t even paint, brush or draw, however, as long as you are found with the craft, you would really enjoy working with it. When you have tried several samples here, it will not be surprising if you find your own creativity to create one according to your own taste. And this is the time you would find the fun just like the creator of this DIY Home Decor!

{1} Holiday Door With DIY

Holiday Door Matta DIY
A beautiful mess
The doormat is the thing that we do not consider as a home decor but it can also be the one when we really pay attention to it. Some people make this doormat with fun character and unique design. You can also try to create one for your holiday as the example here.

{2} DIY ribbon picture frames

DIY band picture frames
Design * Sponge
Keeping the wall empty just like staying in a hospital room. Wherever your eyes go, you would just find the end of your life without hope. Sometimes it gets a little messy on the wall that you’re ready to start a dynamic day every time you wake up in the morning.

{3} Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers

DIY Easy Anthropologie Confetti tumblers
Radical opportunity
Sometimes the food or the drink itself does not have much different taste, but what would make them special is the atmosphere of the place where you went. In addition, the amenities and the unique dishes even make everything served would give more appetite. You can also create them for your own enjoyment at home.

{4} Monogram Fall Wreath

Monogram Fall Wreath DIY Home Decor
Craftaholics Anonymous
Decorating the door is not only good for Christmas or Halloween. Having a cute autumn wreath for the front door or bedroom door would be nice. With a little preparation and few kinds of things like a brush, a natural wreath shape and other things needed to your liking, you could have made your own creation.

{5} DIY rope mirror

DIY Rope Mirror Decor
Apartment Therapy
I think you also agree that the mirror is one of the most women’s favorite decorations. It is also useful to make the room look bigger. When you have only a few objects to show, the reflection of the hanging mirror on the wall can also give a better appearance to the whole interior.

{6} DIY Masking Tape Decor

DIY wall decoration masking tape
Object and use
Can’t you draw or paint? Don’t worry that there is always another way to decorate your room, wall, door or other things you want to do about it. Masking tape! This is easy for you to do a little creative and you will not do much mess.

{7} DIY Heart Wreath

DIY heart wreath
Michele made me
You can say that this is also considered a transformation of the balloon. Where they are usually used in a different way but by wrapping them with a wreath, it would make them look different and be used. You can give this as a sweet gift to the people you care about.

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