IKEA hacks: 10 ways to glam-hack IKEA furniture

KEA hacks: 10 great tips

IKEA hacks

Hack #1: Lack

The classical Ikea side table has a glamourous and rock-n-roll look with this hack. Use small silver domes and stick them to the edges of the legs. Then, cut a thin mirror to use as the table top. Voila! A table a la Hollywood has been born 🙂

ikea hack

Hack #2: Expedit

A rather boring, cloned bookcase has been transformed into a hot side table/TV table in no time.


Hack #3: Kolja

A regular flat and round Ikea mirror has been magically transformed into a sun mirror.


Ikea hacks 2

Hack #4: Klubbo

Low lounge tables with new tops made of marble. This is definitely my favourite of allIkea hacks. A very hot table! 🙂


Hack #5: Vittsjö

A two part table painted in gold.

ikea hack 3

Hack #6: Grundtal

A round mirror has had a hip pattern added with the help of steel rods and silver paint.


Hack #7: Vittsjö

A computer desk has had a total transformation with glas and light shades. Super glam 🙂


Hack #8: Angenäm

The bowl has been turned into a lampshade – sexy and modern 🙂

inredning hacks

Hack #9: Malm

Classic side board has been papered with seaweed. Wallpapering furniture is a simple and cheap way to make a quick transformation.

ikea hacka

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